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Water consumed by humans should of course be free of harmful contaminants and micro-organisms. But it should also contain some benign “contaminants” – minerals and salts in trace quantities that our bodies use for healthy purposes.

As populations grow, pressure on our water resources increases, and the task of maintaining water purity and quality becomes a challenge. In India, that often means that, to make your water safe for human consumption, it needs additives which affect its taste and which, while they protect you from immediate infection, may do long term harm. At some times of the year the quality of some of our water supplies can fall below safe levels.

Say goodbye to expensive bottled water systems. Taste the difference in Osmor®’s professionally plumbed-in or free-standing systems. All of our water filtration systems are fully warrantied, and we provide full servicing of the systems we install. Neatly uniformed Osmor® technicians will quietly and efficiently service your unit at pre-arranged times.


Deciding which purification system is right for you depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The condition or type of your source-water, is it in a drinkable state or not? Is it hard, tastes metallic, smelly or just very murky?
  • The level of purity you want your water to have when you consume it. Premium quality drinking water contains many “impurities” which are actually beneficial minerals. Some people have dietary sensitivities which demand especially pure water, even if this comes at the expense of these desirable minerals.
  • Whether or not you have access to plumbing. Many businesses want to provide water dispensers far from their available plumbing, and of course caravanners and boaties need to produce fresh water far from any municipal supply.

Our water filter and purifiers use various proven mechanisms, including filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet (UV) sanitation and water softeners to produce refreshing, health-giving water, whatever the location and circumstances.

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